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Horizontal CNC

Horizontal Machining Centers
Capacity: 6,600 lbs.
Full 4th Axis on Four Machines
Complete with Pallet Changers

Travel 66.93" x 55.12" x 48.82" Full 4th axis.

Travel 55.12" x 43.31" x 39.37" Full 4th axis

Toshiba BMC-80
Travel 62.99" x 39.37" x 47.24" Full 4th axis

Toshiba BMC-100
Travel 78.77" x 49.28" x 47.24" Full 4th axis

Toshiba BMC-80P
Travel 49.28" x 39.37" x 47.244"

Travel 39.30" x 33.40" x 32.30"

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Vertical CNC

Seven Vertical CNC Machining Centers
Capacity up to 9,000 lbs.
4th axis capabilities on 4 machines

Travels 78.740 x 31.496 x 29.921

Travels 80.305 x 33.895 x 26.000 4th axis turntable

Travels 137.79 x 40.15 x 40.15  

Travels 60.24 x 29.13 x 25.980 4th axis turntable

Travels 40.160 x 21.650 x 20.080

(2) HAAS VF-5/50
Travels 50 x 26 x 25

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Renco's lathe department includes both CNC and manual lathes as well as VTL's. We specialize in custom roll manufacturing and rebuilding.

Samsung CNC Lathe Model SL45MC With Live Tooling
Equipped With Fanuc Computer Control
50 Horsepower
10 Horsepower Live Tooling Spindle
Swing Over Bed: 30.5"
Max Turning Diameter: 24.4"
Swing Over Carriage: 24.8"
Length Between Canters: 88.78"
Spindle Hole Clearance: 4.6"

Danichi CNC Lathe F45.50
Fanuc 18-1 Conversational Control 50 HP
Swing Over Bed: 27.05"
Max Turning Diameter: 27.55"
Swing Over Carriage: 19.69"
Length Between Centers: 52.16"
Maximum Load: 4,400 lbs.

Equipped With Fanuc OI-TF Computer Control
Swing Over Bed: 27.60"
Max Turning Diameter: 18.90"
Swing Over Carriage: 20.10"
Length Between Centers: 43.30"
Spindle Hole Clearance: 4.53"

Samsung SL 35/1500 CNC Lathe
Equipped With Fanuc Computer Control
Swing Over Bed: 23.62"
Max Turning Diameter: 16.53"
Swing Over Carriage: 16.73"
Length Between Centers: 60.2"
Spindle Hole Clearance: 5.2"

Danichi CNC Lathe F25
Equipped With Fanuc 18-T
Swing Over Bed: 19.7"
Max Turning Diameter: 19"
Length Between Centers: 24.4"
Spindle Hole Clearance: 3.03"

Omega Vertical CNC Lathe
Equipped With Fanuc Computer Control 60 HP
Max Swing Diameter: 49.25"
Max Turning Diameter: 39.375"
Max Turning Length: 31.5"

Wacheon Manual Lathes
Max Swing Over Ways: 12"
Max Swing Over Carriage: 8"
Length Between Centers: 36"

Mazak Manual Lathes
Max Swing Over Ways: 34"
Max Swing Over Carriage: 24"
Length Between Centers: 200"
Equipped with Sony Digital Readouts

Poreba Manual Lathes
Max Swing Over Ways: 39"
Max Swing Over Carriage: 29"
Length Between Centers: 324"
Equipped with Sony Digital Readouts
Gap Bed Can Turn 50" Diameter at Chuck


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Boring Bars

Renco has extensive boring bar equipment, call Nick Gezella 920-448-8005 for special fixturing or machining projects that exceed our machine travels.

2 Kuraki KBT-13E Boring Machines
Fanuc 16-IM computerized Control
Cross Travel (X-Axis): 158"
Column Travel (Y-Axis): 90"
Spindle Head Travel (Z-Axis): 51"
Table Size: 71" x 87"
Load Capacity: 44,000 lbs.
Full 4th Axis Table

Manual Boring Bars
Equipped with Sony Digital Readouts
Spindle Diameter: 4-1/2" W/90 Indexing Table

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Two Bridge Double Column Machining Centers

2017 Sigma SDV-6229HLA Bridge Mill Double Column Machining Center.

Table size: 236" x 106"
Table Load. 61,000 lbs
Travels: X-244", Y-133", Z-39.37"
CAT50 spindle 6000 RPM
Accuracy .0004/12"
Auto Indexing 90 Degree Head.

2015 AWEA LP-4025YZF BRIDGE TYPE 5-FACE Bridge Mill Double Column Machining Center. 

Table size: 158" x 94"
Table Load. 33,069 lbs
Travels: X-157", Y-126", Z-39.37"
CAT50 spindle 4000 RPM
Accuracy .0004/12"
Auto Indexing 90 Degree Head.

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In our 18,000 sq. ft. welding and fabrication department, we stock a large inventory of both standard and specialized materials.
Welding Capabilities
Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Capabilities
Wire Feed: Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel
Heliarc: Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel
Submersed ARC with Auto Feed
Piranha Iron Worker
Iroquis B60/100 4' Long 100 Ton Press
18" Diameter Cut Off Saws and Other Circular, Angular & Band Saws
Complete Stock Inventory
Stainless Steel
Structural Steel
Square and Round Tube

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Surface Grinding

Renco's Thompson grinder offers some of the largest travels in the nation with capability to surface grind parts up to 24" wide X 22' long and 12" high.

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EDM Machine

2017 Sodick VL400Q EDM
High-Performance Linear Motor Drive Wire-Cut EDM
X travel 15.75"
Y travel 11.81"
Z travel 8.66"

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Quality Control

Quality is a promise and priority at Renco, all of our operators and supervisors have been trained in inspection procedures. We have a quality lab with trained professional inspectors. We utilize two Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines as well as a Nikon Metris MCA.II portable CMM arm to inspect work prior to shipping.

New in 2020: Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S162012
Capacity: X-63" Y-78.73" Z-47.25"

Renco is ISO 9001 certified and audited through Perry Johnson Registrars. We can also customize our procedures to meet the specifications of the customer. Full documentation is available to all of our customers.

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Paint booth 30'L x 15'W x 10'H
3200 sq. ft. facility.

With over 40 years experience painting, Renco can handle any paint coating requirements in our fully crane covered paint booth. We paint everything from wind turbine epoxies and enamels to wet end paper machine specs.

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Additional Machine

Additional Machine

Cylindrical Grinder. OD 11" x 40" long
Cylindrical Grinder. OD 20" x 80" long
Surface Grinder 22' long x 24" wide x 12" high



3-Dimensional CAD/CAM
Newest Releases of CAD Programs:

Master Cam 2018
Solid Works 2015
AutoCAD 2011

State of the art printing, scanning, and plotting equipment.
Print files compatible for uploading and downloading are: ASCII

Roll Balancing

Roll Balancing

Hoffman Roll Balancer #1
Max Diameter: 66"
Max Length (Center to Center): 27'
Load Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

Hoffman Roll Balancer #2
Max Diameter: 80"
Max Length (Center to Center): 28'
Load Capacity: 20,000 lbs.
H.D. Plus Control: 30 HP

Shot Blast

Shot Blast

3200 sq. ft. Facility
Recyclable Steel Shot
Steel Shot Blast Booth - 30'L x 15'W x 10'H

Stress Relief

Stress Relief

60" x 60" x 144" computer controlled rail car type 28,000 lbs. capacity



Renco has a fleet of 3 Pickup trucks and 2 flatbeds



Renco offers complete machine assembly & product testing capabilities. Assembly area is 100% crane covered with 30 feet under the hook. Our facilities have two dock height loading doors, six 5-ton overhead bridge cranes with 30 feet under the hook, two 10-ton overhead bridge cranes with 30 feet under the hook, and two 2000 amp services. Renco also has mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic in-house capabilities. We offer secure buildings and grounds.

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